Elopements/Micro Weddings

No one could have predicted that by the summertime most of the country would still be staying home and social distancing. But that’s where we are with the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the coronavirus hit US shores, countless engaged couples that planned to tie the knot in front of family and friends and follow up the reception with a big celebration have had to rethink their wedding plans. And for the most part, instead of postponing nuptials for some unknown future date, spouses-to-be are forging ahead with their weddings. Here’s how couples are doing it. 

Elopement Weddings

Elopement weddings are simple, intimate gatherings for the couple, a ceremony officiator, and  witnesses. Wedding planners and venues are seeing a strong trend toward couples exchanging vows in elopement ceremonies and whenever health restrictions are lifted, the newlyweds plan to throw a big wedding bash for scores of friends and family members. 

There are a few reasons why an elopement weddings make sense right now. Some couples are ready to tie the knot and simply refuse to let the virus derail their plans. Others know they want to get married on a particular day and have an emotional attachment to that date. 

Once couples say “I do” at their elopement ceremony, they can still look forward to throwing the wedding celebration of their dreams. 

If you and your spouse are ready to tie the knot, there’s no reason to wait! Call Villa Antonia right now to schedule your elopement ceremony. On your wedding day, we’ll meet you at our stunning Texas Hill Country venue where you’ll exchange vows, take wedding pictures and enjoy a wedding toast. Recently, one couple followed their elopement wedding ceremony with a picnic on the Lake View Terrace. 

Micro Weddings

A micro wedding—or “minimony,” as some experts are calling it—is a ceremony for around 20 guests. Thanks to social distancing and crowd-size restrictions, micro weddings are the biggest trend the industry has seen since the choreographed wedding-party group dance craze.

Micro weddings are like ordinary ceremonies and receptions but on a smaller scale. It’s a perfect solution for couples who want to exchange vows and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their guests.

Most importantly, “minimonies” have all of the elements of a traditional wedding, from walking down the aisle, to a catered meal, dancing, cutting the cake and toasts delivered by new in-laws and old college roommates. 

Since mini wedding ceremonies are so affordable at Villa Antonia, most couples are sticking with their plan to throw a giant wedding bash for the entire crew once the coronavirus is behind us. 



Elopement Package

For the couple that wants to celebrate their commitment ceremony and take pictures in a stunning location

Up to 2 Hours on site

Less than 10 people attending

Includes: Venue coordinator/ Tables and Chairs / Access to Full Venue for Pictures

*Venue will send photographer and officiant recommendations from Villa Antonia’s preferred list*

Micro Wedding Package

*subject to change based on government gathering restrictions*

For the couple that wants the experience of a wedding with the traditional milestones of ceremony, cocktails, dinner, cake and dancing, with just their closest family and friends.

Up to 5 hours on site- (4 hour minimum)

Less than 20 people attending

Includes: Venue coordinator/ Parking Attendant / Tables and Chairs / Access to Full Venue for Pictures

Also Allows Clients to Bring in the Following Vendors from Villa Antonia’s preferred list:

Catering / Bar Services / DJ or Strings for Music / Floral / Décor / Cake / Rentals

*Venue will send vendor referrals upon booking*

*Based on availability and booked no sooner than one month prior*